How to Make a Pinata

Making Pinata is easy and all you require is a strong balloon (bigger the much better), a big 8-10 inches dia PVC bowl, a cardboard sheet, glue tape, stack of old papers, the papier-mache paste (mix a half cup flour with 2 cups water in a bowl add the paste to boiling water and let the mixture comes to boil again. The paste gets thickened with cooling), and paints for adding color and thread or PVC string.

Connect thread or string around it to make it strong and add another layer of mix and provide time to dry. Repeat till the structure becomes strong, after guaranteeing this make a little opening at the top such that it can be closed again. Add chips or color documents or beads or just about anything to make it appealing.

And if you aren’t the crafty type. is a great place to pick up a Pinata if you don’t want to or have the time to make your own Pinata.